Online Bible Studies

Connect with guys from different states while sitting in the comfort of your home wearing your boxers. Its simple, just pick up the phone, dial a number, enter a pass code, join the study. Its that easy.

Matt 18:20, for where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them.

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Monday Buttcrack: 5:15-5:45 am. Email to signup

  • Commands of Christ. Agenda: Prayer/Praise, Scripture, Discussion


SCRIPTURE: Read the scripture passage aloud so you can hear it. Second, write a verse or the entire scripture down in a journal. Then attempt to memorize this piece of the scripture.

OBSERVATION: Ask yourself the question, “What is God teaching me in this scripture?” Write down whatever comes to mind so that you can reflect on it.

APPLICATION: Ask yourself the question, “How does this scripture apply to my life?” As you reflect upon the question, look to make positive biblical changes in your life - attitudes, challenges, confessions, and commands to follow. Write in your journal how the scripture applies to you and to your life situations.

PRAYER: Write a prayer note to God then pray it. Ask yourself the question, “What of my life must I yield to God?” Depending on what you have read and written the prayer might be one of praise and thanksgiving, a prayer asking God to help you apply the teaching to your life, or a prayer of confession. This is your prayer to God. The discipline of writing your prayer will lead to transformation and you can reflect on it later.