Greg Nass - President - 412.515.0916 - nass.greg@gmail.com

Tom Kelly - Business/Marketing - trkelly1201@gmail.com

Chaplain Tommy Fedesco - Mountain Chaplain - fido0675@gmail.com

Matt Grand - Photography/Social Media

Chris Mumma - Media

Sam Matteo - Gadget guy

Jorge Cruz - Philadelphia Ambassador

Roland Brubaker - Philadelphia Ambassador

Jon Snatchko - Life Recovery

Stephen Keefer - Potato Gun Master

Bill Gramlich - Central PA Ambassador

Jake Hoff - Ambassador

Rev Glen Burridge - Ambassador

Robert Robinson - Ambassador

John Fedesco - Afest Operations Manager

Josh Morrow - Afest Operations

Ken Knolt - Afest Operations

Henry Quinones - Afest Operations

Paul Wiederwax - Afest Operations

Board of Directors

Mike Mattis

Tony Andreola

Shannon Nass (treasurer)

John Fedesco


We ask that each guy who wants to get involved with the AdventureMen align with our beliefs and discipline, and read (audio books are cool) the following two books. If you can't afford to purchase the books we will cover them for you.


  1. Be spiritually fit and the leader of your family. This means attending your church regularly, praying, and reading your Bible. This also means that your personal life is in order and your marriage (if you are married) is in good shape.

  2. Attend AdventureFest and provide assistance, leadership, and guidance when needed. This may include setup, tear down, speaking, leading, and helping in some capacity. This may also just mean that you are tending to your crew and available for emergencies if needed, which may require you to sit out of fun activities and even miss keynote speakers on rare occasions.

  3. Attend planning meetings on a regular basis by telephone. If you can't attend, then communication via email providing status is required.

  4. Pitch in and help out in the areas of your skill set or areas that you want to learn - speaking, leading, coaching, social media, media, design, marketing, etc.

  5. Reach out to churches near you to encourage their attendance. If you are uncomfortable doing this, then perform the research and provide this information to the team.

  6. Do your best to be involved in some way - no couch potatoes here. We are Freedom Fighters!

If you are in agreement with the above items, your mission is to shoot each target below. You only have three rounds.

Getting Started

  1. Notify info@adventuremen.org, or call 412-515-0916 to register for training. Complete a phone/skype/personal interview with leadership. Get connected with a mentor.

  2. Purchase the following books and actually read them. While you're reading through the books, highlight points that are of interest to you. 1. Why Men Hate Going to Church 2.) Conspiracy of Kindness

  3. Discuss the books with your mentor or ministry director.

If you choose to accept this mission, you have one year to hit the targets.