We are seeking organizations/people to sponsor inner city men in military recovery programs, and those in addiction groups by making a $100 donation so that they can attend this weekend event. This will buy one man a ticket to the event, an event t-shirt, and some outdoor gear. Our goal is to provide 50 men the opportunity to attend AdventureFest for free in 2017. We are a 401C nonprofit organization, which will enable you to receive a tax credit for this donation. The men who are sponsored will be mentored over the course of the weekend by a hosting church group, and will have the opportunity to learn outdoor skills such how to build and cook a meal over a campfire, set up a tent, and fish. Things that are typically taken for granted are open doors to new adventures in the outdoors for these men and provide a tremendous distraction from the daily grind of recovery. The weekend will not only teach them outdoor skills, but will also allow them to build lasting relationships with other guys and to draw closer to God. We are also seeking churches or groups of men to host up to 10 men for the weekend at AdventureFest. The hosting church would be responsible to get the men to and from festival, help them set up their equipment, provide food (money may be provided by AdventureMen Ministries), mentor, and simply take under their wing for the weekend. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a group at AdventureFest.

An online donation can be made by clicking here, then navigating to tickets and selecting sponsorship. Or checks can be made payable to: PennDel AdventureMen, 224 Mica Ct, Bethel Park, PA 15102

Call 412.515.0916 to get involved.

Apply for a Scholarship

Are you in a addiction recovery program, a disabled veteran, or someone who just cant afford to attend AdventureFest? Simply fill out the below form and follow the directions to apply for a scholarship - estimated at $100.

Why would you want to go? The sound and smell of a crackling campfire, crickets and bullfrogs off in the distance, and men coming together singing praise, shouting in joy, and building relationships with each other and God in the great outdoors. This is AdventureFest.  The weekend is filled with Bible studies, devotionals, outdoor activities, praise and worship, and world class speakers each night. Time to explore the outdoors, attend clinics, or simply rest by the campfire is available all day before everyone comes together in the evening as a group.

Learn a new outdoor skill, meet a new buddy, or just take a break from the grind of recovery while being sorrounded by those in recovery. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. What are you waiting for - fill out the form below!

Questions call us at 412-515-0916

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