Review: The Shark by DAJO Adventure Gear

Reviewer:  Matt Grand

Retail Price: $20.00

Date 02/23/2017

Today I will be reviewing a knife nicknamed the SHARK and made by a company called DAJO Adventure Gear. I purchased this little guy while at a buddies fishing/hunting camp in northern Pennsylvania. We were gone for the weekend and planned to do some fishing, so we stopped to grab some bait at a local guide store.  Among the usual guide store stuff, was a display case filled with knives with the majority being DAJO Adventure Gear knives. Now, I have been collecting knives since I was a little kid and know my way around a decent knife. I was very skeptical about these things at first, but decided for $20 I would at least hold one. Well that was it, I immediately fell in love with the thing.  It comes packaged in a plain cardboard box and plastic bag sleeve. The G10 handle has a great feel and shape.  It is made of 8Cr13 MoV steel from China. There is some jimping* on the back of the knife and I would have liked to have seen it extend up the back of the blade just a bit more. The blade is very sharp out of the box, and has a great body and curve to it. I have fairly large hands and it fits them wonderfully. The pocket clip is sturdy, strong, and sits deep in the pocket. That being said my only gripe with the pocket clip is that it is not reversible and is a tip down carry.  I prefer a tip up carry for fast deployment. The thumb hole for one handed opening is very generous and easy to use.  The liner lock has solid feel to it and has so far held up to some very tough abuse. For an added bonus, the knife has a pair of tweezers that pulls out of the bottom of the handle. They work very well and will be a pleasant addition when out camping and acquiring a splinter. The overall design and look of the knife is great and for a $20 folder I would not hesitate to recommend this knife to anyone.

I did visit the DAJO website, and I could not find any information about a warranty. What I did find though was a line of products that are pretty interesting. The whole idea behind DAJO Adventure Gear is to provide the public with outdoor gear that won't break the bank. Well congrats DAJO, you have done just that. I am planning on purchasing a few more of their products and possibly a flashlight, not only for the product, but to also see how well their website works, what their customer service is like, and how some of the other products hold up. Thanks for reading and stay safe out there. Remember the great outdoors is calling.

*JIMPING is the ridging cut into the back of the knife blade and is used to provide grip for the thumb when extending it up the back of the knife for more leverage while using.