Reviewer: Matt Grand

Retail Price: $10.00

Date:  01/10/2017

This review is about a piece of low tech (at least we consider it low tech on our end) outdoor gear that is super affordable and outstanding at what it aims to achieve.

If you’re anything like me then you like having your drinks stay cold when camping during the warm months and your coffee stay hot during those early morning, cold weather fishing expeditions or hunts. I like being able to come back to the Suburban for a warm up and finding my coffee still hot in my mug after 3 hours of in the cup holder. Maybe you are asking yourself what magical device that isn't battery operated can accomplish this? Let's give a big Steel Point Outdoors welcome to the Ozark Trail 30oz Insulated cup.

*The cup is available in two sizes, 20oz and 30oz. We have one of each. I use the 30oz and my wife uses the 20oz. This post will refer specifically to the 30oz cup.

Where to start with this fantastic, low tech piece of gear! How about we start with the construction. The cup is made of high grade double walled stainless steel. It comes in two colors, stainless steel and a brown/stainless steel combo as well. The cup weighs 1.1 pounds, which you might think is a bit heavy for a cup but when you get it in your hand and realize how solidly it is made and the abuse it will take you won’t care one bit about the weight.

The lid is made of a thick plastic with a thick rubber seal around it. The lid and seal push into the cup with a resounding thud letting you know it has sealed. The mouth hole is wide, but not wide enough that liquid will spill out of the sides while drinking. The back of the lid has a small plastic tab that allows for easy removal of the lid, as well as a marker for finding the mouth hole in the dark.

The cup is designed very well, with the current automobile being considered and as well as those who have smaller hands. The cup is tapered, the top and middle sections being the largest and the bottom being the smallest. I personally believe this was done so it would fit in a cup holder and so that those who have smaller hands would still be able to handle this monster of a cup.

The cup stands up to abuse very well. Mine goes camping, fishing, hunting and hiking. BUT those are not the activities that abuse it the most. This cup receives the majority of its abuse and use during my daily commute. I have dropped it countless times while getting into and out of my tiny commute car. It has rolled down flights of stairs and it has been dropped from ladders. It still looks almost new and is it has yet to not function like it should.

Let's talk about how well it performs when keeping things hot or cold. I don't have specific numbers, but I can fill this cup with ice and water in the evening before bed, around 10pm and the ice is still there with cold, cold water in the morning around 5:30am. And for hot stuff, it will keep things hot for close to the same amount of time. When camping and with temps around the mid 80’s, it will keep ice for almost the exact same amount of time with variations depending on the temp of the water you pour into the cup. It truly is an amazing insulated cup.

Remember, this is not a thermos so don't expect it to perform like one.

If you are looking for a thermos this is not for you but I can recommend the Klean Kanteen thermoses brand.

Should you buy this cup over a name brand? YES, a thousand times YES! This cup is awesome and you will not be disappointed. The cup withstands abuse like a champ. It is solidly built and will keep your stuff hot or cold for an exceptionally long time. If you are looking for a handle, one can be had on Amazon for under $10.00 and gives it a coffee mug type of feel. The cost is cheap, less than $10.00 at your local Walmart, and the smaller 20oz version was right around $8.00, if you purchase this from Amazon you will pay around $4 more per cup - Matt