If you have been able to attend past AdventureFests you have seen how guys were able to draw closer to each other, Jesus, and the great outdoors.  You saw the biker dude come forward for salvation in 2015, and the three fellows in 2014.  You saw many men be water baptized over the four years including a father son team.  You experienced late night campfires and fireside chats.  Heard testimony from ordinary guys doing extraordinary things through Christ.  You shared the weekend with many men who attended for free on sponsorship because they couldn't afford to go.  No man will ever be left behind!

If you attended last year you probably also noticed the empty campsites where men should have been camping and celebrating in praise and worship across the 320 acres that we now have for our exclusivity.  You probably also experienced some frustration with the things that were disorganized or missing from our new home at Agape Farms.

To make this event better, and to get more men in the fields for salvation we need your help to take this thing to the next level.  We need your financial support.  A little goes a long way.

We have three options:

1. If you personally donate $20 or more per month reaching a minimum of $100 you will be considered a Partner and will attend the event for free including some additional perks.  Donate monthly, or in a lump sum whatever works best for you.

2. If your church donates $1000 or more your guys will get to go for only $15.

3. Advance online purchase of tickets.  Churches and ministry leaders are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance, then hand them out to the gang.

What will we do with the money?  We are targeting a $7000 add campaign on K-Love from Pittsburgh to New Jersey.  We'll do a lot of other advertising, more entertainment and activities,  and make the weekend more enjoyable and accessible to the unsaved. 

Please note - we are all volunteers and do not pay ourselves anything.  This means that all of your pledge will go to making AdventureFest a better event - excluding the minimal online processing fees.

Will you really miss $20 or $50 a month?  Your pledge is also tax refundable since we are considered a non-profit organization. 

There are two ways to make a pledge:
1.  Online: Click HERE to make a secure online pledge using a credit card.
2.  Mail Service: 
Mail a check payable to:
PennDel AdventureMen
224 Mica Ct,
Bethel Park PA 15102

If you can't spare the scratch that's okay too - we get it no sweat. Please don't feel obligated.   More importantly we could use your prayers.

If you have any questions please e-mail adventuremengroups@gmail.com or call 412.515.0916.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.  May God bless you!

The AdventureMen Team