A group bicycle ride from DC to Pittsburgh in 6 days on the Great Allegheny Passage.  This is a fundraiser to raise money for a to be defined ministry or cause by donating 100% of the proceeds.  The ride will be sponsored, controlled, and directed by AdventureMen Ministries and will be a men only ride. If you have a worthy ministry or cause that needs help please contact us.  We would love to ride for your ministry or cause.


This will be a grueling ride at an above average steady pace and will not be for beginner casual riders.  Riders will be interviewed and screened to ensure they are capable of making the trip. All riders will need to get a physical exam at their PCP before riding.  Additionally helmets are required to be worn at all times.  AdventureMen Ministries reserves the right to deny participation to riders. 


A small group of similar riders will be selected, 8-16 riders total supported by two vans with enclosed utility trailers.  The plan is to camp at each rest stop and have the support team setup tents and cook food, then tear down and clean up.  Riders will just need to concentrate on riding, resting, refueling, and evangelizing.  All people involved will be encouraged to raise money for the mission by soliciting support from others through a onetime donation, or a per mile donation.  We will be evangelizing on the trail and offering prayer to people on the trail during our ride.  We will attempt to document as much as possible through video and stills and produce a documentary from the footage. 



C&O Trail is rough in sections consisting of packed limestone, double track jeep trail, with the nicest section closest to DC.

Day 1:  61 miles from DC to Harpers Ferry.  This is the smoothest part of the C&O trail.

Day 2:  63 miles from Harpers Ferry to Hancock.  This section of the C&O will be rough double track jeep trail from here until Cumberland.

Day 3:  61 miles from Hancock to Cumberland.  Some of the roughest trail, but we can bypass 20 miles of it on paved trail.  Highly recommended.

Day 4:  Rest day off bike.  Mission work at homeless shelter and/or ?


The Great Allegheny Passage is the smoothest part of the trail consisting of packed limestone with many facilities trailside or near. 

Day 5:  62 miles from Cumberland to Confluence. However, This will be a challenge because the first 20 miles is a steep grade to Continental Divide then it gets easier as the trail slopes down. 

Day 6:  90 miles from Confluence to finish at Point State Park.  This leg will be the longest, but easiest with smooth trails and slightly downhill.





Great Allegheny Passage


Mileage Chart


Elevation Chart

If you interested in riding, support, or donating please contact Greg Nass at 412.515.0916 or