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Groupme Installation Steps:

1. On your smartphone:  a. If iPhone open the App Store and search for Groupme.  b. If Android open the Play Store and search for Groupme.  c. If you do not own a smartphone please contact me using the information at the bottom so we can get you setup to receive the groupme messages anyways.  

2. Click the button to install the app.  Open the Groupme app.

3. Enter your email address. (please use this method instead of facebook verification)

4. Enter your phone number and other information.  

5. Click GET PIN.

6. Groupme will text you a pin number, enter that pin number when prompted to verify you are who you say you are.  

7. Start using groupme.  a. Feel free to send me messages once you have it installed and setup. I will respond, answer questions or help with problems.  

Groupme is very similar to text messaging, but it focuses on group messages instead of individual messaging. It uses your data connection to send and receive messages instead of your traditional cellular connection.  

AdventureFest Mission:  Connecting Guys from different walks of life to experience Christ through fellowship, camping, adventure, world class speakers and worship.

Adventuremen / Adventurefest Two Way Radio Guide:

Hey Adventuremen! Welcome to our two way radio guide. This is just some basic information to consider when purchasing your own set of / or single radio(s).

What To Look For When Buying A Radio:

  1. Radio must operate on the Family Radio Service band, also abbreviated FRS.

  2. Radio must have the ability to enable a privacy setting or channel.

  3. Rado should have the ability to operate over long distances.

    1. Keep in mind that the advertised operating range is in optimal conditions, flat, wide open spaces without interference. Operating range will be significantly reduced when hills, buildings or other obstructions are prevalent.

  4. Look for a radio that uses AA batteries. This will enable you to easily swap batteries or use generic rechargeable batteries. Radios that use Li-Ion batteries require a special dock or cable for charging. Also look for a radio that uses a standardized charger, such as micro or mini USB.

  5. Radio should have some sort of ruggedization to it. Because of our activities and nature of our group a radio that can survive a drop or exposure to water is recommended but not required.

  6. Belt clip. Some radios come with one and some come without one.

  7. Headset capable. Again, this is not a requirement but should be a consideration when purchasing. Sometimes it is best to have both hands free but still be able to use your radio.

  8. Some radios have other built in features that are nice but not required, such as flashlights, waterproofing, able to float, and the NOAA weather channels. Usually these radios are higher end and therefore more expensive.

Our List Of Recommended Radios:

  • Cobra CXT235 MicroTalk - $35.99
  • Midland LXT630VP3 - $49.99
  • Motorola MJ270R - $54.99
  • Cobra ACT1035R - $80.00

Note: All radios listed come as pairs.

All of these radios meet the above requirements. These are just our suggestions. If you find a cheaper/better that meets the above requirements please feel free to use it and send the make and model our way so we can add it to our list.

Guidelines for Selecting Main Speakers for AdventureFest

  • Topic is relevant and geared towards men

  • Speaker has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

  • Speaker has over 100 hours of public speaking/preaching experience

  • Can give 3 references, or provide video/audio clips from previous messages if required

  • Willing to speak for typical honorarium - $200 (exceptions granted in special cases)

  • Approved by the majority of the directors

Guidelines for Selecting Secondary Speakers (at the cross, or smaller audiences)

  • Topic is relevant and geared towards men

  • Speaker has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

  • Free entrance to the event - no honorarium

  • Approved by the majority of the directors

Guidelines for Speakers to Deliver an Impactful Message

  • Message shall focus on God the Father, and/or the Holy Spirit, and/or Jesus Christ.

  • Should be relevant and geared towards men of all ages with an adventure theme

  • Should utilize a PowerPoint presentation or slide show if applicable

  • Speak clearly utilizing their own style

  • Focus on a minimum of 1 topic or point, to a maximum of 3 points.  1 is preferable.

  • Message should be outlined and provided to info@adventuremen.org prior to event.

Guidelines for Specific Day of Event (for speakers)

Friday (opening act)  

  • No powerpoint or technology available.  May require speaking from notes, or digital device in the dark near a fire. PA system available.  

  • Evangelist style message with an alter/prayer call.  30-40 minutes

Saturday (Key-note speaker)

  • Powerpoint, video, pictures, PA System, within a covered building environment.

  • Evangelist, or technical message.  40+ minutes.  

Sunday (typical church service)

  • Powerpoint, video, pictures, PA System, within a covered building environment.  

  • Evangelist style message with an alter/prayer call.  30-40 minutes.

Leadership Criteria for AdvenureMen/AdventureFest Ministries

1. Meet the requirements outlined in 1 Timothy 3 1-7.

2. Be an active member of a local church.

3. Complete reading material (Why Men Hate Going to Church, Conspiracy of Kindness) and mentorship program.

4. Be approved by men’s leadership group and senior pastor.

Leadership Process

Note: This is a formal process used as a suggested guideline. Please feel free to take a more relaxed approach.

1. Interested person completes Leadership Application.

2. The application is reviewed by the Men’s Leadership group.

3. An interview is scheduled with no more than 3 men’s leaders and no less than 2.

4. Based on outcome of the interview, complete membership classes and complete Leadership training while working with a mentor.

a. Attend membership classes at local church.

b. Complete reading material while meeting/teleconferencing weekly with a mentor to discuss chapters.

5. Final interview with the same members from the first interview. If approved for a leadership role, move to step 6. If not, continue to mentor and have the person assist with events until he is ready to move to step 6.

6. Present a certification or token of leadership on Sunday morning service with Pastor anointing the person.

7. If at any time it is discovered that the leader does not meet the requirements outlined in
1 Tim 3:1-7, the Core Leadership Team will meet with that leader to discuss the concerns. If the concerns continue after discussion, prayer, and the leader does not make an attempt to address them, he should be asked to step down temporarily, by the Men’s Leadership group. This will allow for a time of focus and relationship strengthening with God.

8. If a leaders steps down for any reason, even voluntary, it will be for no less than one year. This will allow the person proper time to reflect.

AdventureMen Ministries,
Mar 15, 2018, 2:04 PM