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Pittsburgh Area 

Winter Mountain Biking Prayer Rides @ South Park.  

We'll ride singletrack trails and pray in the snow and cold.  This ride is open for all skill level of riders including beginners to advanced.  Fat Bikes are welcomed but not needed.

Rides are open to Saturday mornings, or evening night rides.  Register with Greg Nass at adventuremengroups@gmail.com or 412.515.0916

April 5, and April 19th 2016
Greg Nass will be leading AdventureMen workshops at the April 11th and April 25th Mantour conferences.  Click here for detailed information and complete conference schedule. 

March 13th 2016 - Daylight savings time begins


Pittsburgh to Philadelphia
April 16, 2016 

April 16th is the first day of trout fishing in PA.  We will blitz the fishing community and Be the Good News on the streams and lakes from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.  

The Plan in Three Easy Steps:

1. Gather up a few guys who love fishing and enjoy talking to people. Ensure you have one person that really knows the Bible and is comfortable talking about it. Invite your families to help.

2. Meet at the stream at day break - 7am - at a parking spot that is heavily used.

3. Set up a simple homemade sign that says, “Free Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Donuts.”  Do not advertise your church or group name.  Make sure to bring extra cups and paper towels.

The Good News Method (Servant Evangelism) in Three Easy and Fun Steps:

1. Take up a donation to buy food/drinks from each attendee.  This will ensure the guys are invested and will create a sense of ownership. Give out coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts.  Have fly fishing and tying demonstrations.  

2. When people come up for donuts or coffee, simply give it to them with a smile and ask them if they had any luck fishing.  Sincerely get to know them and show interest in their fishing day.

3. If they ask why you are handing out free stuff, you could respond, “We're doing this to show the love of Jesus in a practical way,” “Jesus loves fishing and loves you,” or “Just to bless you this morning like Jesus blessed me.” The key is to glorify Jesus and not your church or yourself.  If they ask about your group or church, you can tell them, but only after they ask.  They need to open the door.  Be prepared for the Lord to work.  This is when the knowledgeable Bible guys come into play.  Please note: The reason we don't advertise our churches initially is because we will be seen as salesman and will discourage the unsaved.

Contact Greg Nass for more info - 412.515.0916 - nass.greg@gmail.com

April 23, 2016 - Agape Work Day

Laurel Highlands Area
April (TBD) 2016.  Spelunking the caves of the Laurel Highlands.  
Spelunking (caving) at Laurel Cavers Saturday April 19th. The cost will be $25 per person for a private guided trip 45 flights below the earth.  Dress to get dirty! Contact Randy Henderson at randohenderson@gmail.com or412.276.8138 for more info or to register.

Central PA Area near Raystown Lake @ Agape Farms
June 10-12th 2016.  5th Annual ADVETUREFEST with special guest The Machine Gun Preacher

AdventureFest is a multi-church men’s ministry camping weekend at Raystown Lake.  Prepare to experience Christ through adventure!  

Pittsburgh Area Event
September (TBD), 2016.  GO APE treetop obstacle course at North Park.  The course consists of rope ladders, 41 exciting crossings to include the Double Stirrups, Bosun’s Chair, Flying Carpet and Spider’s Web, 2 Tarzan swings and 5 zip lines. Grab life by the ADVENTURE!  $60 per person includes lunch.

Contact Greg Nass  @ 412.831.5781 for more information and registration.  Hurry room is limited to 14.

Central PA Event
Honorbound Conference
October 2016.  
Stay tuned for more details as we get closer.

NOVEMBER 6th 2016 - Daylight savings time ends


November (TBD) 2016.  6:00am - 9:00pm. 

Annual Steelhead Fishing with the Post-Gazette Outdoor Editor John Hayes.  

Please note this is a Post-Gazette sponsored event.  The AdventureMen will be going along as a group.   

The big bus (coach tour bus) heads north for another steelhead fishing trip, this time with more spin fishing tips, more fly fishing instruction and more time on the water. Includes hands-on help from fishing coaches (Greg Nass and other Steelhead addicts), a bait and fly shop stop offering discounts to participants and a buy-your-own dinner. $50.

Register early before the bus fills up there is only room for 50 people (this includes lots of folks from around Pittsburgh).  Hurry space will not last long.  Register at: http://www.post-gazette.com/pgu

Please contact Greg Nass for more info and details @ 412.515.0916 or nass.greg@gmail.com 

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